Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore’s Falls)

The Marmore Waterfalls date back to Roman times and have a long, fascinating history. The Romans did have some very good ideas and these man-made waterfalls are up there with their most spectacular (you can read more here).  (more…)


Castle of the Counts Guidi (Poppi Castle) 

An hour from Arezzo, after a beautiful drive through picturesque countryside, we arrived at the wonderful little town of Poppi. If you love castles and staircases this is the place to visit! A walk through this castle gives you a real feel for the medieval italian life. (more…)

A day in Antwerp

Before leaving to Belgium I searched for places I wanted to visit. I saw some pictures and I liked the buildings, how everything looked, but most important I find out that there’s a Mode Museums, so I couldn’t ask for more. It was perfect! I loved walking around the old town. The architecture is incredible!  (more…)

Brussels: favorite spots in town

A month ago I was traveling to Brussels for the first time. I wanted a long holiday, so I decided to stay here for awhile. I fell in love instantly because it has so many beautiful places. I know I wrote some posts about this city, but I decided to make a list of my favorite spots. Even if you are planning to stay only a few days here, these are the places you must see. (more…)

While in Brussels #2

My second week in Brussels was amazing. I discovered a lot of beautiful places, I tasted more chocolate, I was happy. I think this was the best week of the year. I also visited other 2 gorgeous cities: Bruges and Antwerp, but I will make a post for each city because I have a lot to say about it and I took some great pictures.  (more…)