My Dreamcatcher #1

It all started on a Monday morning. It was a sunny day, her favourite kind of day with blue sky and very few clouds to admire. She always felt more powerful when the sun was out, like no mountain was to high, like she was capable of anything. She loved to have the mornings for herself so, most of the time you would find her in bed drinking tea, reading, or watching some TVshows. The quiet of her room was interrupted around 10 a.m by a sound you love sometimes: a message. She looked at the phone and started to smile. Somehow she knew this text was the start of something…something that will change her life.

His name was Urian. Tall, dark hair, a very charming man. She heard so many things about him and saw him daily, but they never talked before. When you would talk to him you would have this amazing, warm feeling that you knew him for a lifetime and you could talk anything for hours. He was good with words…

He impressed her easily, like never before, so she fell in love. I guess she loved everything about him: his eyes, his smile, the way he laughed, his lips, his hair, his body.


Her relationships have all been bad before like Verlaine’s and Rimbaud, but there was no way to compare all that to this affair. When she first met him there was like a garden growing from a black hole in her mind. Lots of white and pink roses, red tulips, heliotropes, forget-me-nots started to appear. And a lot more of lavander roses and liliac trees grew.

“I booked a table for two for 8p.m.”

“Of course, Sir. Please come this way. Can I bring you something to drink first?”

“A bottle of Marcello. It’s my favorite. So, Alexis, what type of person are you?”

“The type of person who believes in true love.”

“I don’t think it exists.”

“Well, I do. Maye love is the messiest, stupidest, most beautiful thing ever created. It’s so easy to fall in love and very difficult to get out of it. You know it’s there because there is this warm little fire inside of you that erupts when you see someone. You feel it in your bones, in your heart, in your hands, you feel it in your legs, in your lips and fingertips, you feel it all over and it squeezes your heart. Love it’s adventure, mystery and timeless beauty. It’s acceptance. Love is abosultly unconditional. No matter what day or time, no matter what year, no matter who’s who, love is the strongest, most powerful thing ever. Maybe genuine love is rare in today’s world, but it exists. You just have to have faith and look deeply and carefully.”

“I would like to think it does exist…”

“I guess everyone struggles with this idea. Maybe because they have a different idea of what true love is. I believe that genuine love does exist.”

“Maybe love is just a temporary feeling which disappears after some time.”

“True love doesn’t need to be for a lifetime.”

“I think you read a lot of books.”

“Was hard to guees?”

“No”, he says laughing. “You are beautiful. I think my dad would like you.”


She went to see her garden for a moment and she was hypnotized by all the beauty she found there. That night she made wine from the liliac tree, put her heart in it’s recipe so, it made her see what she wanted to see…





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