While in Brussels #2

My second week in Brussels was amazing. I discovered a lot of beautiful places, I tasted more chocolate, I was happy. I think this was the best week of the year. I also visited other 2 gorgeous cities: Bruges and Antwerp, but I will make a post for each city because I have a lot to say about it and I took some great pictures. 

I think that these places are not so well-know like the ones I visited in my first week ( Atomium, Grand Place, St. Michel and St. Gudula Cathedral, Basilica of Sacred Heart) but definitely they are worth a visit.

1.The Garden of Sculptures

Here are some remarkable trees (linden trees, locust trees, maples, etc) but also a garden of sculptures with woman as theme.


2. Place Poelaert

Great place to spend a few minutes, to relax and enjoy the view. You will be surprised with the panoramic view that is on offer.


3. Grotte Notre-Dame de Lourdes



4. The church of our Lady of Laeken

The church was built around 1275 in early brabantical gothic style. Later, a German architect designed the facade and the tower ( 99 metres). However, the work was never completed and the church is still the same as it was a hundred years ago. Although never classified the population considers it as a historical monument as it is the necropolis of the royal family and the church where Cardinal Cardijin is buried.




5. Parks 

There are so many beautiful parks in this city ( Parc Royal, Tenbosch Park, Cinquantenaire, Parc Leopold). So many places you can relax on the grass, on a bench, or just walking and admiring the beauty.






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