Month: June 2016

Travel with me || Brussels

Hello guys! It’s Wednesday, so a new video has been uploaded on my Youtube Channel. I put together some of the videos I made while I was in Brussels, the best places from this city. Hope you like it!  (more…)


A day in Antwerp

Before leaving to Belgium I searched for places I wanted to visit. I saw some pictures and I liked the buildings, how everything looked, but most important I find out that there’s a Mode Museums, so I couldn’t ask for more. It was perfect! I loved walking around the old town. The architecture is incredible!  (more…)

Travel Lookbook

Hello ladies! Today I want to share with you two of my outfits I wore during my trip to Brussels. I like to wear comfy clothes, especially if I am going to walk a lot. There are moments when I take, just in case, some heels and nice dresses, but this time was not the case, simply because I did my luggage one hour before leaving to the airport. I was in such a hurry, that I look some simple, casual outfits, jeans, pants and T-shirts. (more…)

Brussels: favorite spots in town

A month ago I was traveling to Brussels for the first time. I wanted a long holiday, so I decided to stay here for awhile. I fell in love instantly because it has so many beautiful places. I know I wrote some posts about this city, but I decided to make a list of my favorite spots. Even if you are planning to stay only a few days here, these are the places you must see. (more…)

What to wear on a rainy day

Hello ladies! Finally some sun on the sky today. It’s a weird weather, it’s raining too much. I love the rain, but I love the sun more. One thing I don’t like is being in the rain. I like watching the rain. That constant rhythm that is regular only in its randomness is fascinating. But what can you do when you are in an amazing city like Brussels and it’s raining outside? You go out, of course.  (more…)

While in Brussels #2

My second week in Brussels was amazing. I discovered a lot of beautiful places, I tasted more chocolate, I was happy. I think this was the best week of the year. I also visited other 2 gorgeous cities: Bruges and Antwerp, but I will make a post for each city because I have a lot to say about it and I took some great pictures.  (more…)