Second day in Brussels

Bonjour, beautiful ladies! If you read my latest post, you know I’m in Brussels and I will stay here for a while. I want to show you all the amazing places I’ve discovered, what you can visit in this city, what to eat or wear, so I will write a weekly post named “While in Brussels”. But first let me tell you about my second day here. Oh, what a day! Almost got sick from all the sweets I ate.

Usually I don’t eat chocolate or so many sweets, so I started my day buying fruits and flowers.


On my way home I saw some amazing sweets and I thought that it would be great to buy a big tarte to eat it with my 2 cousins and a waffle covered in sugar. ( bought the big one with fruits – yamie)


In the afternoon I went to visit the Grand Place, a unique mix of beautiful 17th century architecture and modern social life. It’s a must see in Brussels, simply stunnig. But before arriving here, the streets near by are full with shops with sweets and chocolate. I bought a lot of things and ate as well, that at some point I felt sick. But these are so, so good. You have to try it because you only live once, right?












Have a nice weekend ladies!






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