Month: April 2016

A day in Orvieto

Orvieto is an ancient city suspended halfway between heaven an earth. If you need to relax this is the perfect city because it’s small, quiet, but so amazing. To discover the ancient town of Orvieto on the top of the hill, you need to take the funicular from the train station.



Happy Birthday!

Good morning, ladies! It’s such a beautiful day and I couldn’t be more happier. Today is one of my favourite days of the year because someone really special was born. My dog! Honestly, Life is better with a dog to come home to. I love him so much!


Casual look

Do you know that moment when you have 5 minutes left and you haven’t decided what to wear? Yeah…I guess we all do. The bed is full of the clothes you tried out, but nothing seems to fit.When I am in this type of crisis, I always choose a casual look. Simple, yet chic. A dress, a jacket and some amazing tights. How much I love these tights!